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Call the Embassy on (202) 332-7100 to request the forms listed below. Send the completed form with the appropriate requirements PLUS US$40 in money order and a self-addressed, stamped return envelope to the Embassy for authentication. Once the documents are authenticated and returned to you, forward them to a relative in Zimbabwe, who will then take them to the Registrar of Births for processing.


1.             External Birth Certificates

External Birth Certificates are only issued to first generation children of Zimbabwean Citizens, who must be eighteen years of age and below, at the time of lodging the application. Children over eighteen (18) years of age and second-generation citizens must apply for citizenship by registration.


Zimbabwean citizens by registration who are registering their children must produce proof to confirm that they had not lost Zimbabwean citizenship at the time of the child.s birth before applying for the child’s External Birth Certificate i.e.

(a)           Letter from Immigration confirming parent’s citizenship status at time of child’s birth or

(a)                 Valid Zimbabwean passport.


2.             Requirements or External Birth Certificates

(a)                 Fully completed BD3 form

(b)                 Birth confirmation record i.e. if child was born in hospital

(c)                 If the child was born at home, an Affidavit that the child was born at home.

(d)                 Foreign birth certificate (if available, as some countries do not issue).

(e)                 Parents’ Zimbabwean Passports and Zimbabwean National Identity cards. (If one parent is foreign, that parent.s passport is required).

(f)                  Parents’ marriage certificate. If the parents do not have a marriage certificate, they must sign the section on BD3 form on “Declaration of Paternity”.


N.B.        If parents to not hold Zimbabwean documents, they should obtain their documents first, before they can apply for a child.s External Birth Certificate.


3.             Additional Information (Prior to 6/12/96)

Prior to 6 December 1996, a Zimbabwean man married to a foreign woman who wishes to register his child for an External Birth Certificate, must produce a marriage certificate that was issued prior to the child’s birth.


A Zimbabwean woman, who had a child from a foreign national prior their marriage, can be issued with an External Birth Certificate for her child because if the parents are not married, the child assumes the mother’s citizenship status.


Prior to 6 December 1996, a child born of a Zimbabwean woman and a foreign national who were married prior to the child’s birth does not acquire Zimbabwean Citizenship as the child assumes the father’s citizenship status and cannot be issued with an External Birth Certificate.


A person born outside Zimbabwe on or before 6 December 1996, the date of commencement of  the constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment No. 14 of 1996, shall be a citizen of Zimbabwe by birth, if either parent is a Zimbabwean citizen.


N.B.        If the Father is foreign and the mother is Zimbabwean or vice-versa and the have a marriage certificate or are not married, the child qualifies for an External Birth Certificate.


4.             Requirements for Duplicate Birth or Death Certificates

(a)                 National Identity Card

(b)                 Passport

(c)                 Parent’s names


5.             Requirements for Altering a Name or Names on a Birth Register

(a)                 Fully completed BD21 form.

(b)                 Documentary evidence to substantiate change to be effected i.e.

(c)                 Notarial Deed that has been registered and published in Zimbabwe

(d)                 National Identity Card

(e)                 School Certificates; and

(f)                  Affidavit explaining why the applicant needs to effect change of name/names.


6.             Requirements for Correction of Errors

(a)                 Fully completed BD22.

(b)                 Zimbabwe Passport

(c)                 National Identity Card

(d)                 Marriage Certificate (for married people).

(e)                 An affidavit explaining how the error occurred.


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